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June 3rd, 2010 00:00

Though currently international tobacco industry offers adult smokers thousands of cigarette brands varying in size, strength, taste, etc, there are several legendary brands that have been retaining top position in cigarette markets. Here is a list of the best cigarettes products:

best selling Marlboro cigarettes

1. Marlboro

The world’s best-selling cigarette, Marlboro is produced by Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International. The brand became top-selling cigarette across the U.S. in the 1972 and never lost its leadership since then.

Marlboro cigarettes were launched in the U.S. tobacco market in 1902, by a British tobacconist Philip Morris. In the beginning Marlboro targeted female smokers and was marketed under a slogan “Mild As May”. The brand was hugely successful thanks to its light and mild taste. Marlboro was phased out from production during the World War II and re-introduced only in 1950s as cigarettes intended for male smokers. In 1995 Philip Morris introduced first filtered Marlboro cigarette.

2. Newport

Newport is the best menthol cigarette across the USA, holding more than 50 percent of the market in the menthol category. The brand was introduced by Lorillard Tobacco Company in 1957. Currently Newport full-flavored variety contains the highest amount of nicotine on the market. The brand is especially popular among African-American smokers.

3. Camel

One of the best tobacco products, Camel was introduced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco in 1913. Camel was the first pre-packaged cigarette on the market and took leadership position in the country with annual sales reaching 425 million packs. Produced from premium sorts of Virginia and Turkish tobacco, it gave smokers a much lighter taste in comparison to strong and harsh smokes offered by major rivals. But currently, Camel offers a more bracing and intense taste. And this brand is considered to be one of the most innovative brands, with such varieties as Camel Nr. 9 and Camel Crush.

best selling cigarettes

4. Winston

Winston is one of the most legendary cigarette brands in the world, and though it is the fifth leading brand in the U.S., it performs much better in the rest of the world. Winston hit the stores’ shelves in 1954, and held leading position in U.S. market for over a decade before passing in to Marlboro in 1972. It is produced by Reynolds American in the U.S. and by Japan Tobacco International in more than 80 countries across the globe.

5. Pall Mall

Though Pall Mall brand almost disappeared from U.S. market in the 1990s, it has been recently revived by Reynolds American and has showed an exceptional performance by growing to become the fourth best-selling cigarette across America in just over 18 months after introduction of its promotional campaign.

The brand was launched in 1899, and currently it is one of the oldest products on the international tobacco industry. Pall Mall was also the first brand to offer 100s variety, extremely popular among U.S. smokers. It was the number one seller in the 1954, and currently is one of the flagship drive brands for Reynolds American in the U.S. and British American Tobacco in the international market.

Other outstanding brands include Lucky Strike, Parliament, Virginia Slims, L&M, Mild Seven and other.

By Sara Norton, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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