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  • Ritm Classic
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Ritm cigarettes

Ritm cigarette brand is the newest tobacco product represented by I.M. «INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO» SRL enterprise that appeared at 7th of November 2005 in Eastern Europe. This leading company works in collaboration with a popular German manufacturer.

Ritm cigarettes are produced from thoroughly gathered and selected tobacco leaves imported from Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Slovenia. The success of Ritm cigs consists in utilization of modern costly equipment from Germany and Britain. While making Ritm cigarettes brand, producers conduct constant quality control in order to increase flavouring qualities of the cigarettes and save the nice tobacco taste. The primary goal of Ritm cigarettes manufacturer is to assure uniqueness of their products and do not economize on their quality.

The mixture of different premium quality tobacco gives to Ritm cigarettes brand a rich and full taste. We are sure that you will be satisfied with this fag product. Ritm cigarettes have a qualitative taste at reasonable price. It can make you experience new feelings.

The name of this new cigarette brand comes from the Romanian word “ritm” that means “rhythm”. Let cigarettes Ritm guide your pace of living.

Our online tobacco shop is always open for you. You can place your order and very soon you will be the owner of this magnificent masterpiece.

Ritm king size cigarettes possess - tar volume: 12.0 mg, nicotine volume: 0.9 mg

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