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Vogue cigarettes

Vogue…What a familiar word! The whole life is a sheer vogue. Every person somehow or other tends to be fashionable, stylish, keeps to new tendencies. Vogue engrossed the whole world. Wherever you glance at, vogue is presented everywhere: in clothes, in primary necessities, in furniture etc. It sits in tobacco sphere as well. There is a smoking product in the international tobacco market which is the total embodiment of the vogue. And it possesses the corresponding name - Vogue cigarette.

The smoking art of British American Tobacco Group, widely-known all over the world for its bang-up smoking cigarettes, which gained recognition not only at inner market, but also at foreign one, Vogue became a favorite smoking brand of softer sex, who perfectly knows what’s what when it comes to fashion. Everything that relates to fashion relates to a woman. That is why the true experts of Vogue tobacco are namely women.

Polished Vogue white filter cigarettes are prepared of the best high-grade tobacco that grants flavor integrity, fabulously delicate taste and unequalled aroma. The slim form of these fags is quiet handy. Their exquisite glam pack will perfectly fit into women’s small purse.

Introduced by a wide smoking product mix, Vogue discount cigarettes can be easily found in our online cheap cigarette shop at cut-price. Do not waste too much many for smoking tobacco which you are able to purchase here at the lowest price. At your disposal are the sequent types of Vogue trademark:

  • Vogue Super Slims Arome: tar volume: 7.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.7 mg; size: 100 mm
  • Vogue Super Slims Bleue: tar volume: 7.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.7 mg; size: 100 mm
  • Vogue Super Slims Lilas: tar volume: 4.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.5 mg; size: 100 mm
  • Vogue Super Slims Menthe: tar volume: 7.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.7 mg; size: 100 mm
  • Vogue Super Slims Platine: tar volume: 1.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.1 mg; size: 100 mm

“Vogue Cigarettes – Come into Vogue”

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