American Tobacco Company

January 4th, 2011 00:00

The early beginning of the American Tobacco Company dates from 1890 year, as the propriety of brothers James Buchanan Duke and Benjamin Newton Duke. American cigarette Company was the result of joining 12 cigarette manufactories. J.B. Duke becomes the head of the tobacco company.

American Tobacco Company

They were the first who used automated cigarette making machine. It was a revolution in producing of smoking cigarette. Using this technology they control 40% of the home cigarettes market.

American Tobacco Company was the result of joining some cigarette manufactories. J. B. Duke becomes the head of the cigarette company. Soon American Tobacco becomes famous due to its flavored smoking products.

Lucky Strike cigarette was most illustrious brand of American Tobacco Company that rich the biggest request among American smokers. The famousness was shared also with other two well known smoking products, Pall Mall and Tareyton. These smoking brands make the American Tobacco a recognizable trademark in the world of cigarette products.

The main distinctive feature of American cigarettes products was its uniqueness. They had no analogies among cigarettes that are presented in the smoking products manufacturing.

As result of Provocation Company that begins in 1907 against American Tobacco, in 1911 its shares were split among R. J. Reynolds, Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company and Lorillard.

In 1994 British American Tobacco bough the shares of American Tobacco and in such a way BAT becomes the possessors of Lucky Strike and Pall Mall cigarette brands.

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