Differences between Men and Women Smoking

June 10th, 2014 00:00
men and women smoking

When a woman lights up she will generally hold her cigarette high with her wrist leaning back in a wrist display motion, leaving the front of the body open. As about men when they smoke they keep their wrist straight in order not to look like a woman and drop the hand holding a cigarette down below chest after they puff, retaining the front of the body guarded at all times.

Women smoke as well as men and both sexes take on the same number of puffs per cigarette, although men keep the smoke in their lungs much longer, which makes them more sensitive to diverse diseases than women.

Ladies use the cigarette as a social display to open the body and show the wrist; men on the contrary close their bodies when they indulge in their cigarette and give preference to secretive holds.

Men will often use the pinch hold when lighting up, particularly if they are attempting to be secretive, holding the cigarette invisible inside the palm. This gesture is frequently used in the films by actors who play serious guys.

Movies and mass media advertising have typically during the past described smoking as sexy. Cigarette smoking is one more chance to highlight our sex distinctions: it permits a woman to utilize wrist displays and open her body to a man.

A man can identify his masculinity by holding the cigarette secretively and enticing. Past generations had diverse seductive smoking rituals used between men and women.

In numerous places these days, however, cigarette smoking is in decline mostly due to prohibitive restrictions therefore the smoking courtship ritual is practically dead. While blowing cigarette smoke in a person's face is undesirable almost everywhere, in Syria it is considered as very intimate invitation when a man does it to a woman!

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer.
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