Dunhill Cigarettes launched by British American Tobacco

June 7th, 2010 00:00

In May, British American Tobacco, the second largest tobacco group in the world, welcomed addition to its premium cigarette line, Dunhill. The new styles cigarettes named as Dunhill Fine Cut are made using an innovative tobacco processing technology, and are expected to be very successful among adult smokers.

Dunhill Fine Cut Black cigarettes

Dunhill Fine Cut is currently offered in three exclusive styles, with the fourth coming in three months:

Daria Radvanska, spokesperson for British American Tobacco Poland stated that Dunhill is the major brand for the company in the premium segment of tobacco products intended for upscale audience, because they prefer only products of exceptional quality as is Dunhill brand.

BAT spokesperson admitted that the company introduced Dunhill Fine Cut as part of its innovative marketing strategy concentrated on extending current product lines and launching new superb brands. Two months ago, BAT also introduced new styles of its best-seller, Pall Mall brand, in two very promising segments – super slims and compact king-size. With the introduction on Dunhill Fine Cut the company is willing to boost its market share in the premium segment.

According to the company, during the production of Dunhill Fine Cut the tobacco was cut in a special manner – 46 times per square inch of tobacco leaf. This new technology turns the flavor of the cigarettes to be more invigorating and rich and at the same time very mild.

The manufacturer also used innovative Reloc technology which helps keeping cigarettes fresh for longer, and the laconic packs which feature ornamental lettering and embossing, all these peculiarities add to the exclusiveness of Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes.

“Currently there is a growing tendency of opting for luxury smoking products among adult smokers with higher income, encouraging tobacco companies to create new premium products to suit these needs,” stated Daria Radvanska. “An extraordinary method of growing and cutting tobacco leaves for Dunhill cigarettes, their refined taste and exceptional pack design will definitely be appreciated by adult smoking, including the most exacting ones,” she mentioned.

“Our company is willing to continue developing new products marked by superb quality and excellent flavor characteristics; as this strategy is influenced by such factors as evolving consumer’ expectations, shrinking market, strong competition and other factors,” admitted British American Tobacco spokesperson.

BAT is a very prominent company, with a centenary experience in manufacturing tobacco products and hundreds of thousands of adult customers around the world. The tobacco giant produces the largest assortment of tobacco products, with more than 250 brands in all segments of tobacco market, including world-famous cigarettes brands Pall Mall, Dunhill, Lucky Strike and others.

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