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April 26th, 2011 00:00
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What is the top-selling cigarette brand in the world? Probably most of the smokers would name one brand that belongs to multinational tobacco enterprises as British-American Tobacco (BAT), Philip Morris, or Japan Tobacco.

As superslims cigarettes are involved, however, Korea’s KT&G rises above with its Esse brand, which has permanently remained at the head. The nation’s biggest tobacco manufacturer declared that it sold about 42.2 billion cigarettes of Esse last year to register a 44.5% increase from 2009 when 29.2 billion cigarettes were sold.

For instance, the Seoul-headquartered outfit nearly doubled its exports of Esse cigarettes from .2 billion cigarettes in 2009 to 20.8 billion last year to lead in competition with Virginia Slims produced by Philip Morris and Vogue represented by BAT.

In 2009 Esse increased sales of 29.2 billion cigarettes in comparison to 17 billion for Virginia Slim and 11 billion for Vogue, according to data presented by the London-based consultancy Euromonitor International. “Since its appearance on the tobacco market in 1996, we have promoted Esse as a global brand. At present Esse is available in more than 40 states and regions from all over the world, including Russia and Middle East,” stated Huh Up, who leads the company’s global businesses.

Especially, Esse is currently the best-selling super slims cigarette in Iran, Uzbekistan and Indonesia. For example in Russia it constitutes more than 10% in the given segment. Huh also stated that the former state monopoly has entered into the world markets throughout the past decade while the domestic market demonstrated saturation. In accomplishing its initiative to make Esse a world product, KT&G showed its potential at different events.

At present it account for 85% of the local consumption of super slim cigarettes. When its sub-brand “Esse Soun” appeared in 2006, it took only eight days to attain the criterion of selling more than 10 million packs in a very short time in the history of Korea’s KT&G company.

Esse is also proud of other sub brand as the premium Esse Golden Leaf and the Esse Edge which are quite popular among young smokers. “In addition to Esse we plan to create and promote a multitude of world famous brands through dynamic efforts in order to become a real international player,” Huh added.

KT&G even invested more than $100 million in order to create production lines of the Esse cigarettes in the Kaluga region, nearly approximately 150 kilometers of south of Moscow.

The companies manufactured 4.6 billion cigarettes annually attracting the smokers from the world’s second market in terms of sales, giving the way to China. Also the company owns cigarette enterprises in Turkey and Iran, both of which opened in early 2008 with a collateral annual output of 5.6 billion cigarettes.

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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