Jay Z Presents His Own Luxurious Cigarette

March 3rd, 2014 00:00
Comador Cigars

These days, the music star, who is designated for nine Grammy Awards and is apparently set to show up on tonight’s program, has presented Comador, a premium cigar created together with the Virginia-based General Cigar Company - especially, its Cohiba label.

Comadors are produced from exclusive and quite rare tobaccos and packed in a fashionable way, affirms General Cigar. A pack of 14, encased in a limited edition Comador Humidor, will cost you approximately $999. Actually a simply packed box of seven Comadors is worth $210 - or $30 per cigar. “I decided to collaborate with Cohiba since I knew they would understand my idea of a high-class cigar and create it in the most appropriate way,” Jay Z stated at the press conference.

Jay Z has been already on the cover of Cigar Aficionado journal. As he explained in the interview, his tastes in cigars are quite different: “I prefer them bigger and yet mild. It offers the appearance of lighting up something heavy - but in fact it is not so. It is just enjoyable. It is just what I like. No one trained me in cigars, the same as no one schooled me in how to acquire art or drink wine.

For the collaboration with Cohiba/General Cigar, Jay Z encountered with the brand’s main team and provided additional details regarding some of his preferred smokes. From there, the brand just combined and blended several cigars until it created a smoke that Jay Z was ready put his name on, states General Cigar President Dan Carr. “He perfectly knows what he wants and he gets it,” Carr adds. Especially, the Comador is produced from hand-selected tobacco leaves from the Caribbean and Central America, merged with what is called as an exceptional Connecticut wrapper valued for its divine flavor and full, glossy appearance.” A wrapper is really a great thing, which gives the cigar much of its taste, and wrappers acquired from the Connecticut - and in this case, from Havana seed - can be considered the best ones. In fact, this is a very easy and mild-tasting smoke to enjoy in- basically, you don’t need to be a genuine gourmet to take pleasure in it. It also burns gradually and evenly, another trademark of a well-made stogie.

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer.
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