Lighting Up Like a Lady

August 15th, 2014 00:00
women smoking

True ladies are an embodiment of refinement, style and chic.  If you want to be a lady, you have to do things in a womanlike way. This involves certain forces and skills that can be exercised and acquired. Probably one of the most amazing features of a lady is the manner she lights up her cigarette. Most women can smoke, but not all are able to do it like a lady.

In this article we will present some ideas to stick to in order to understand how a lady should light up a cigarette.

  • Regardless of whether you are smoking or extinguishing a cigarette, everything has to be made with elegance. You have to light up in such a manner that you look to be acting so for only your own enjoyment.  This will reflect that you are self-dependent.
  • Just before lighting a cigarette, ensure that you are inclined towards the light, bending at the waistline and not extending your neck. Make sure to keep your fingers on the cigarette in the course of the whole smoking process, never hold the cigarette with your lips.
  • Keep the cigarette between your index and middle fingers. It would be better if you try to hold the cigarette as close as possible to the fingertips, thus your appearance will be more elegant. It adds a note of classiness and sophistication.
  • Maintain the lit end of the cigarettes upwards, to ensure that the smoke goes way up than simply through your fingers. You can do it by simply keeping your arm aside from the body.
  • Fan your fingers out, when holding your smoke. Men generally make something identical to a fist around their cigarettes whilst ladies shouldn't do such things, no way!  All your moves should be gentle.
  • Hold the cigarette in your mouth just when you are inhaling, never let it stay there or try to communicate when the cigarettes is in your mouth. Do not exhale through the nose; just incline your head blowing the smoke out.
  • Extinguish the cigarette by gently tapping above the filter with your finger.
  • After the smoking process is finished, take a minty chewing gum, so you will get rid of the cigarette smoke.

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer.
Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.

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