Menthol Cigarette Brands made in Europe

August 5th, 2010 00:00
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While American smokers are turning to ordering cigarettes from European stores, because the mind-blowing taxes are eating them out, those smokers who prefer menthol cigarettes are left aside, as their favorite menthol cigarettes brands are not produced in Europe.

However, those who are enough brave to try new brands, can find some great-quality products among the menthol cigarettes brand selling only in European region. Here is a review of menthol brands providing exceptional quality that can be found in online cigarette store outstanding quality that can be purchased online:

  • Vogue cigarettes. This chic and luxury brand is owned by British American Tobacco, one of the largest tobacco groups in the world. The superb taste of Vogue Super Slims Menthe, and its outstanding quality helped the brand reach the leading position in the segment of premium menthol cigarettes and become a sort of a standard in female menthol cigarettes. The makers of Vogue brand raised the quality bar so high that other competitors simply are not able to exceed it.
  • Karelia cigarettes. Karelia is a unique brand, as it is manufactured by Karelia Tobacco Company, a legendary Greek tobacconist specializing in the production of finest tobaccos and premium cigarettes brands since 1888. Karelia Slims Menthol feature delicate aroma, superior menthol flavor and refined quality. These cigarettes are similar to American 100s.
  • Esse cigarettes. This is the flagship brand of KT&G, a well-known cigarette-maker from South Korea, distinguished by innovative technologies used in cigarette manufacture. Esse Menthols are offered in the Super Slim category, suggesting that these smokes have a longer (100mm) and slimmer frame, and possess lower levels of nicotine and tar than their king-sized counterparts. Esse is a great brand and definitely worthy to be tried.
  • Glamour cigarettes. A product by Japan Tobacco International caused a huge sensation upon its launch on the European cigarette market. Glamour Super Slims Menthol dramatically differs from other menthol brands offered for sale, from its packs to its flavor. The cigarettes are packed in tiny packs featuring flowers and provide an inimitable and magnificent, mild and relaxing taste. The radiance and exclusiveness of these cigarettes won’t leave any menthol-smoker indifferent.
  • Eva cigarettes. Eva Super Slims Menthol is a genuine product made by Bulgartabac Holding Group, a famous cigarette-maker from Bulgaria. These feather-light cigarettes charm from the very first glance by their gentle and subtle frame, decorated by flowers, mild and calming flavor and gorgeous smell of menthol.
  • Lady cigarettes. This an on-of-a-kind product made by Cigaronne Co., a tobacco company from Armenia. Lady Slims Menthol is a very elegant brand providing a ravishing quality, tender taste, rich but mild flavor and luring aroma. Lady Menthol brand will be a great selection for adult menthol-lovers who have a sense of style and enjoy having only the premium quality products.
  • Kiss cigarettes. Kiss Super Slims Menthol are manufactured by Innovation Tobacco Co. This brand is a perfect match for those women-smokers who enjoy having fun while smoking. Kiss Menthols will provide a boost of freshness and delicious long-lasting flavor.
  • Doina cigarettes. This king-size cigarette will gladden smokers by the pleasing low price, rich and bold flavor and nice quality. Doina Menthol offers an excellent aroma of vanilla and caramel in addition to menthol flavor.

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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