Nano Cigarettes – New Trend in Tobacco Industry

July 6th, 2015 00:00
Kent Nanotek

At present cigarette manufacturers try to do their best and work hard on innovative products. Nano cigarettes are one of them, demonstrating something new created with the help of future technology.

Nano technologies become present in many spheres of our lives, you can find a nano-cocktail, nano-toys, and even nano-food. The reduced variants of ordinary things are currently known as “nano” and not “mini” as earlier.

Cigarette manufacturers did not stay apart and created cigarettes with such a size. For instance, the giant cigarette manufacture, British American Tobacco (BAT) has presented one of its popular cigarette brands in nano size- Kent Nanotek and Pall Mall Nanokings. This newest style also called as Compact King Size is a real trend in tobacco market. Industry expert states that tobacco manufacturers also want to keep up with the times and use any possible means and trends to amaze cigarette smokers.

Probably the main forte of the Kent Nanotek as well as Pall Mall Nanokings cigarettes made in Compact King Size format is that while having the length of a King Size cigarette (83 mm), they remain compact due to a 5 mm diameter instead of 7 mm in standard ones. The package of these cigarettes that is made in conformity with the up-to –date design technologies is much thinner than the regular package of the King Size format. Thus, BAT has realized not only to present the smoking product in the popular Supers Slims format, but also to attract a completely new core audience. If previously slim cigarettes were mostly targeted to women, Kent Nanotek and Pall Mall Nanokings are a unisex brand, oriented on both men and women. “Nowadays numerous things are becoming smaller, even though preserving their original functionality, - computers, mobile phones and etc. We decided to do the same with cigarettes, - says Mark Harmon. So we presented a totally innovative product that integrates a compact size and flavoring characteristics of King Size cigarettes.”

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer.
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