Prevent Cigarettes Litter Catastrophe

June 21st, 2010 00:00

Carol Thomas said that she had never thrown rubbish on the ground. She even taught her children not to throw on the ground wraps from their candies and other unnecessary things. According to Mrs. Thomas words she looses her temper when someone is doing this. Although, she agrees that she always scarps her car ashtray on the road.

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Hundreds of cities all around the country are tired and annoyed with the smokers, who are throwing their butts all over. Angry by seeing a huge number of butts in every corner of the city and paying immense prices for cleaning them, municipal councils approbated several restrictions on smoking in beaches, parks and playgrounds. Up to$15 million is spending annually on cleaning cigarettes butts in such largest and populated cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

Many smokers think that a candy wrapper is more harmful litter whereas cigarette butts are more natural types of rubbish. Despite the fact that butts has nothing to do with biological degradation. They are produced from plastic filters which end up in rivers and seas, where they vaporize toxins such as nicotine, cadmium and other bad substances and chemicals.

For years anti-smoking activists pledged for higher taxes referring on health complications and lately the revenues increases. Recently by governmental authorities was started a campaign on cleaning cigarette butts and punish those who discard them. The authorities point out at the wide-ranging consequences of the nation’s most destructive individual habit to the environment.

Tobacco producers admit this problem. One of the America’s leading cigarette manufacturers Altria Group funded the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. According to the received statistical data, cigarette litter comprises 35% of all litter gathered in the country. Another research conducted by the Ocean Conservancy Group, sponsored by cigarettes industry, showed that cigarette litter compose nearly 30% of all litter washed up on beaches all around the world.

Cigarettes producers state that they are permanently working on doing their cigarettes more environmentally compatible. RJ Reynolds spokesman James Chester said that the industry is doing their best in order to develop biodegradable cigarette but still did not realize to find the appropriate solution as there are many disputable issues. One of the problems is concluded in the fact that smokers do not like the taste of cigarettes with environmentally compatible filters.

The spokesman of Philip Morris declared that they supported such campaigns because they were meant at decreasing the amount of litter. For example, their campaign Keep America Beautiful supports such things as portable ashtrays, more waste-bins in public places and strict littering rules.

The program started in 2008 in more than 160 cities and towns, resulting with a decrease of discarding cigarette trash.

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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