Teen Smokers Switch to Flavored Cigars

September 18th, 2013 00:00
Teen Smokers

In conformity with a 2009 federal law banning flavors in cigarettes and not in cigars, teen smokers have ever more inclined to smoking flavored cigars, according to the Associated Press reviews.

Instead of prohibiting flavors in cigars in 2009, Congress charged regulating power to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), even though the agency has not yet announced that control. Consequently, low-priced flavored cigars and cigarillos have overloaded the marketplace.

FDA authorities have stated they plan to control cigars, even though they have not mentioned how or when. At the same time, smoking competitors declare that the agency’s hold off is stopping any improvement in decreasing cigarette use among teenagers.

Whilst cigarette sales have decreased about one-third within the past decade, cigar sales have increased twofold over the same time period. “The 20th century was a real cigarette century, and we have been successful in addressing that,” stated Gregory N. Connolly, the representative of the Center for Global Tobacco Control at the Harvard School of Public Health. “Today the 21st century is dealing with numerous smoking products. They are available at lower prices, and most of them possess diverse flavorings. And moreover you can light up them anywhere.”

Mitchell Zeller, leader of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, recognized that the introduction of completely new smoking products - flavored cigars included - has provided new issues for the agency. “What we have seen throughout the past decade is this amazing change of the marketplace,” Zeller stated. “There are goods being sold these days - unregulated products - that actually couldn't be found 10 years ago.”

Country wide, about one in six 18- to 24-year adults light up cigars, in contrast to simply 2% of people 65 years or older. Over half of the teen smokers light up flavored cigars.

Cigar manufacturers question a flavor ban, mentioning that the FDA has not yet banned menthol - the most widespread flavor in cigarettes, and that even chewing tobaccos are available in diverse flavors. “We keep on asking the question, "What is the reason?" stated Joe Augustus, a representative for Swisher International, a cigar maker. Flavors have been around “since the start of time,” he stated, and are famous with “the guys who are slicing your lawn and repairing your car.

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer.
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