"Zero Style Mint" Japan Tobacco Revolutionary Cigarette

May 24th, 2010 00:00

Last Monday, Japan Tobacco Co., the leading cigarette company across Japan introduced a totally new kind of tobacco product, a cigarette that emits no hazardous smoke, to offer cigarette smokers an opportunity to get nicotine and not expose people to second-hand smoke.

The latest novelty, which was named “Zero Style Mint,” comprises a longer and slimmer stick resembling cigarette with a space for cartridges containing tobacco leaves. When a user puffs on this product, exactly as he would on the conventional cig, he gets the flavor of tobacco and menthol, without any dangerous tobacco smoke.

A set of a stick and two cartridges of “Zero Style Mint,” is selling for 300 yen (only $3.2). Now the new cigarettes products are sold only across Tokyo, however, basing on the sales in the capital, the company will decide on when the smokeless cigarettes will be launched nationwide.

Zero Style Mint

The new product is very likely to become best-seller in the country, since whereas smoking is still a hugely widespread habit in Japan (especially among male population), there is a growing trend of considering it to be a threat for public-health. Currently Japan smokers constitute 36.8% of male population, down from 40 percent a decade ago. And the government is willing to keep this trend dropping.

The Japanese government recently implemented a ban on smoking in public places, but the regulations are being violated and not enforced.

As regards the latest products “Zero Style Mint,” smokers expressed their interest in these innovative products.

“Their sale volumes are growing rapidly. Many people came and purchased several packages at once, so we think we will sell the stock before the day is over,” admitted Daito Kawaguchi, manager of a cigarette shop in Tokyo downtown. “Since Japan Tobacco announced the launch of these cigarettes, many people kept asking about them”.

Yet, it is not clear whether these products can be legally used in public, as the reaction from Japan main airline and railway companies on the usage of smokeless cigarettes are mixed.

Japan Airlines issued a statement saying that they registered no complaints about public usage of smokeless cigarettes.

Another major airline company, All Nippon Airways, stated that smokeless cigarettes are prohibited onboard, since these are cigarettes, regardless of the fact if they deliver smoke or not.

As regards the railway companies, the majority of them said they allowed smokeless cigarettes, however, they would consider prohibiting them, in case complaints from non-smoking passengers appear.

The governments of Japanese Prefectures as well tend to allow smokeless cigarettes’ use in public.

In Tokyo smoking is banned in indoor venues as well as in sidewalks, however smokeless cigarettes would not be covered by the ban, because there is no second-hand smoke dangerous to other people. So, the users of smokeless cigarette would face no fines.

Even Kanagawa Prefecture, known for its strict anti-smoking policy, admits that smokeless cigarettes would be permitted, and no fines for their users would be levied. In contrast, those who are caught on smoking conventional cigarettes in non-smoking places face fines of 2,000 yen ($25)

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 Cigarette-Store.biz. All rights reserved.

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