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Dunhill cigarettes

Dunhill is a cigarettes brand well known all over the world as that of the highest possible standard. First Dunhill cigarette appeared in 1907 and till now they have been considering as the premium quality cigarettes. The manufacture of these noble cigs is BAT (British American Tobacco).

The Dunhill manufacturers always endeavour at perfection and each cigarette is the impeccable combination of topicality and centenary traditions. Modern classic in Dunhill cigs is true sign of premium quality.

A huge experience of Dunhill producers and exceptional care for tobacco products permitted them to create new mixture from 100% tobacco without additives and aromatizers. Due to this unique mixture Dunhill fags have an absolutely rich and saturated taste.

Dunhill Fine Cut cigarettes differ from other brands thank to a special method of cutting tobacco leaves – one inch of tobacco leaf is cutting for 46 times, that is why this cigs have purely soft and exquisite taste.

Taking care for pure tobacco taste Dunhill producers created a unique pack – Reloc. Due to this exclusive pack the unexceptionable flavour of Dunhill cigarettes remains unchanged. Elegant pack, noble taste of natural tobacco is what makes Dunhill cigarettes brand so popular among many smokers.

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